“. . . The sky darkened,

and there descended on the field a large table,
a large chair, and an immense ‘Creation Stone’,

and on the table was a large quantity of earth.

Then there was lightning and thunder;

and Woyengi (the Mother) descended.

She seated herself on the chair

and placed her feet on the ‘Creation Stone’.

Out of the earth on the table

Woyengi moulded human beings . . .”


amay ana

ana tanrıça

Dünya Kadınlar Günü

gök : bitik


From a Nigerian Ijaw story published in “The Origin of Life & Death / African Creation Myths”, ed. Ulli Beier, Heinemann, London, 1981, p. 23.

Designed by Doğan Türker as African masks, but also spelling out am.y(ay) : ing.ök.er in Sky*rooT or.okh-khu.ng script which appear somewhat like woyengi or m, o, t, h, er in Latin letters.