The Sky*rooT United : Mother Tongue stamp signs, when read in a revolving manner, reveal a series of interrelated concepts which can roughly be translated as {the} knowledge & consciousness {of the} light / life / love / enlightenment & reason {by the} creative / creator {divine reason & cosmic energy} / created ~ creature {for the} bow & arrow / fe+male & (-)male / writ & read / life & radiation, etc...

These series of stamp signs could be rephrased in short as ış.oğh : e[b.il].nçi  > sc.ie.ntia ~ sc.ie.nce, meaning “the knowledge (reason & consciousness) of light (life ~ love & being)”. From this trove of definitions, a multitude of terms (some of which are shown here) have issued forth for the protolanguages then in the process of formation on our earth.


ış.oğh : e[b.il].nçi
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