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Now we must mention an important property of any copying process: it is not perfect. Mistakes will happen. ... Imagine the days before printing, when books such as the Gospels were copied by hand. All scribes, however careful, are bound to make a few errors, and some are not above a little willful “improvement.” If they all copied from a single master original, meaning would not be greatly perverted. But let copies be made from other copies, which in their turn were made from other copies, and errors will start to become cumulative and serious. We tend to regard erratic copying as a bad thing, and in the case of human documents it is hard to think of examples where errors can be described as improvements. I suppose the scholars of the Septuagint could at least be said to have started something big when they mistranslated the Hebrew word for “young woman” into the Greek word for “virgin,” coming up with the prophecy: “Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son ....”

Richard Dawkins, Selfish Genes and Selfish Memes, Oxford University Press, 1976; reprinted in The Minds I; Hofstadter, Douglas R. & D. C. Dennett, Bantam Books, USA 1988, p.128.


The Hebrew word, almah, which the Septuagint translators have rendered parthenos, does not mean ‘virgin’, but ‘young woman’, that is, any young woman of marriable age. .... Hence the Christian writer’s claim that the virgin birth of Jesus is a fulfilment of the Isaianic oracle is based on a mistranslation of the Hebrew.

Hooke, S. H., Middle Eastern Mythology, Penguin Books, GB, 1963, p. 171

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“Contrary to y+our scholarly high theories in linguistics, the ET erudition discloses the simple fact that modern languages on earth did not ever evolve from the phonetic gargles of your cave dwelling ancestors in the past, but rather from an ineptitude in your progenitors’ schooling. Unfortunately, the indigenous bitches chosen as witches --in other words “which-doctors?”--  proved to be no better than the flocks entrusted to them for tutoring. Not any quibble about labor conditions at the Tower of Babel, but their cryptic scrawl inevitably led to foul mis-interpretations which, in due time, diversified into your various tonguesDoðan Türker (Jan. 15, 1991)”.