“The Initial Glimpse of Spirit”

One of the very exciting concepts of our time is what I call “frontier science” and its scenario on how this physical universe came into being. It appears to have begun with a substance that one really cannot call matter, because it did not behave in ways that fit into our understanding of matter. The matrices are space, time, and this something that fills them. Beginning with the vibrations of the original “Big Bang,” the universe comes into existence. Why did it happen this way? Why didn’t those vibrations just stay as they were? Science does not speak to us of final causes because its work is with efficient causes ―that is to say, identifiable, material events that explain more complicated events that follow. But if we posit that consciousness was the activating agent for the scenario that these scientists describe, then identity and continuity is built into our world view from the start.


―Huston Smith.   

From an interview with Huston Smith; PARABOLA, Summer 2001, Vol. 26, No.2, p. 84 







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