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The Universal Mother Tongue

My website, dealing with the above subject between the years 2002-2005, has now been redesigned in form and updated in content. As of August, 2006, it is presented under this new domain name:

I cordially invite you, and your friends / colleagues interested in linguistics, to take a look at this site, as the first example of its category in the world.


Doğan Türker
RC ’58, DGSA ‘63


Ankara, August 2006



Author-Researcher Doğan Türker announces the launch of a new website at which contains interesting parts from his ongoing research in the widely discussed subject of The   Universal Mother Tongue.

His conclusions are challenging and sometimes unexpectedly surprising, providing significantly different explanations to what the world-wide circle of experts in linguistics impose on by their scholastic hypotheses at present, and what the public at large take for granted about the origins of their cultural or artistic inheritance.

At the core of Doğan Türker's non-academic synthesis lies his original method of aphonetic & provisual analysis of root syllables. By this process, he reveals many unsuspected relations between today's languages considered far apart, and leads to the ultimate rediscovery of a common and sacred tong which mankind lost and then forgot eons ago.

Select examples of such a Universal Mother Tongue with legends and lores born of her, and compiled under the title of Sky*rooT United : The Universal Theo(geno-philo)sophy of Creation & Existence® are presented in this website for everybody concerned with the subject. (H.A.)


Ankara, October 2002