Cosmic Beginnings of Turk


March 12, 2003

Dear Dr. Toni Richard Turk & Nancy Turk,

First, I would like to congratulate both of you from the heart for both the massive work achieved in and the attractive web site created for searching the lineage of Turk surname.

Then, I should add that you are already involved in a subject which can eventually pull you all the way up into a cosmic genealogy of our common origin, just as I have been pulled into since more than a decade ago during my researches about the root syllables of my own mother tongue Turkish.

The surname Turk, notwithstanding those explanations that abound all over the world, is part of a substantive written in Turkish Orkhun stamp-glyphs which must be read out repeatedly in a revolving manner:

et.ür.ük / öt.ür.ük : (ış.(ot.or)).oğh.( :

This designation can be translated roughly into today’s English as “Turquoise (sk(inn)y) gods of star light from Taurus : space / time : giant midwife (=inanna; isis; ishtar) / shogun fe+males (=titans ~ amazons) from reddish (Al)debaran & Titan : flash-born / flesh-born : chirping races...”

Incredible? Everything claimed from the blue-green skinned sky gods down to the flesh-and-blood chirping races -including turk(ey)s- are encoded in the original syllables, like the ampersand sign y(ay)ıla+an (=bow (female) moon with spreading snake (the symbol for expanding space / time universe)) shown above simply meant it was only “Adam and Eve” with no snake between them but some organic separation. For more, you -and all your friends- are cordially invited to visit my web site at (*).

My best personal regards and best wishes for all blue-blooded Turk-Oğhuzes,

Doğan Türker


(*)  The hosting contract in effect since 2000 having been expired at the end of 2005,
this site was redesigned and relaunched under its Turkish domain name “” as of August 2006.


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